... long weekend part 1 ...

Friday, Dec 18, 2009
I go to Pejaten Village. my first plan is for seeing Bride Waterfalls (u know what film, do u?). but i change my mind. i prefer to eat. so i come to Kemiri, a new food court in PeVil.
Their system is like Urban Kitchen SenCi. they give us a card, everytime we ordered F&B, they will swipe the card. and we just pay all the bills after eat.

what is on my mind when i came to Kemiri?
Hmmm.... it was a great food court. large and the ambience is soooo... natural. Kemiri has so many variation of Indonesian food, but if u want some western, they had steak or sandwich bakar. The people is nice. for example, i get a pic with the ambience :)

The taste?
My food is Tahu Pong Otak. nyam nyam!
i try bandeng presto-rice-ati-empal gepuk. nyam-nyam too :)
well, the price is a lil bit expensive, around 15.000 and up. but if u want cozy place with great food, u can try in there. btw, they have snack corner. if u like asinan, u can buy it :)

after eat, i go to La Kodefin, meet my brother with his ba
nd, to talk about our project in 2010. and have a lots of talk until 4 a.m. Oh maiiii.
These is my outfit :)
Tees - Diana Rikasari for BloopEndorsed, checkered short - GarageStore, pink gladi-Tendecies

What a nite :)

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