... Golden Globe 2010 part 1 ...

The event is over
but their style stay longer :)

This is a quick shoot of the guys!

as usually, they are wear black suit or tuxedo

almost same...

but their personality makes their style looks different

or maybe... their couple? :)
pics : Instyle.com

George Clooney!
always look charming with his bow tie :)
and a sexy woman behind him wear a dress with a great details

Samuel L.Jackson
Same suit like the others
but give an attention to his suit, it's a velvet!!

Ricky Gervais
the host of Golden Globe 2010!

Gerald Buttler
owww... i dont mind to be ur couple, dear :)

Chace Crawford
always look charming and lil bit look playboy :)

Tobey Marguire & wife
black and white duo! nice outfit for the wife, but the shoes looks doesnt cool

Mickey Rourke
welll, he's combine the suit-personal style-and a woman :)

Taylor Lautner
oowww owww owww he's hot!!! r u agree, girl?

Morgan Freeman
i love this couple!
Mr Freeman looks cool in black suit, while his couple looks chic with her dress :)


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