... Not so Good ...

Still at Golden Globe 2010
They are looks good, but not so good...
pics : instyle.com

January Jones
prefer this is a mini dress, not a long dress

Christina Hendricks
the drapery things and the colour is great, but the big assets is too much showed I guess...

Juliane Moore
rrrrrrr.... not fit, too plain, and... oh well, Julie, u can be better than this..

Chloe Sevigny
too many layers, drapery, accents, whatever...

Courtney Cox
Lesson for every girl : don't forget to wear straples bra
or ur breast will look like this

Tina Fey
U will look stunning if the skirt not that long
looks heavy in u, dear

Kate Hudson
I always love Kate Hudson style. But this the white dress make her looks like a wedding cake :(

Sandra Bullock
r u wanna do ballet or swimming?

Mariah Carey
The big is show too much

Rose Bryne
better this is a mini dress. i just see that this dress is too long

Penelope Cruz
this lace black dress is good. but looks so heavy in her.

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