... Breewwww!! ...

Just hang out after hour
release the stress hihihihihi :p

Place : Brew, Senayan City

U can eat, get the snacks or just drink and chit chat with ur friends
this is my 1st visit. and i like it.
the interior feel so warm and cozy, with lots of woods things
looks natural!

the price is depend on what food or drink u want it.
the taste is goooddd!!!

My Swasharma Beef (its lil bit difficult to write it hihihi)
its so big. u can imagine nachos and kebab is being together. so nyummy!!

my lovely wedges!
wear wedges is make u tall and not make ur feet hurt :)

Red Shawl-CottonInk, Checkered Tops-Vintage, Harem Pants-Online store, Red wedges-Centro Semanggi

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