... sushi time! ...

Loves sushi so muccch!!

location : Sushi Tei - Plaza Senayan
Why? close to my office! hehehe. Beside that, the sushi is greaat!!
the taste, the ambience.. hmmmm...
Sit on Sushi Bar can make u crazzzy! wanna eat all of the sushiiii!
nyam nyaaam!!

Look at my face. Looks like i'm sleepy hihihihi
Salmon Mentai
Salmon Sashimi

After Sushi, it's time to take a pics hihihihi :)

leopard dress-localtreat, high knee socks-Naughty, Heels-Nine West, Black blazer-Milchop, Balenciaga bag

What a great time!!

PS : i you in the middle of deadline or crazy things,
have a quality time with our friends or juts do something we like is really really helpfull!