... The Goodie ...

Still from Oscar 2010
They really great!!
pics from Instyle.com and random

Amanda Seyfried
even her gown is look alike with J.Lo's gown, but she's so stunning with this gown

Cameron Diaz
Always stunning like usuall. She's look different in this style :)

Carey Mulligan
great attitude, great style and great BF : Shia :)

Jennifer Lopez
white and simple, but stunning
not to much bling bling like ussual hihihi :)

Kristen Stewart
black dress never die!

Maggie Gylenhaal
Pattern dress looks good for formal occasion :)

Miley Cyrus
nice outfit, but not the pose :(

Queen Latifah
who says big always good in black?
Queen prove it that she's look good on pink!

Rachel Adams
another pattern dress :)

Zoe Saldana
unique and quirky!

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