... Java Jazz Day 3 ...

Sunday, March 7
The last day of Java Jazz Festival 2010

Masima Stage in Action!


Music for Sale

The others!

Mike's Apartment on Dji Sam Soe Lounge

it's soo traditional :)


Prambors Grand Max!

Our announcer
Adit - Okki - Panda - Darto - Andari - Yudha - Daud

Cici Jaqueline
Prambors Promotion Staff

Ricky - Melissa - Boya - Ayu - Junas

tribal green dress-Milchop, colourfull acid wash-Centro, studded bag-LM for Hardware, red watch-Casio, goldie flatshoes - PVJ

Enjoy this daaay!!
do you enjoy it?

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