... Java Jazz Day 2 ...

Saturday, March 6
Java Jazz, here I come :)

Tak bisa bertemu yang asli, yang palsu juga tak apa :)
Me & Tony Braxton

Friends from Female & Prambors Bandung, Shapi dan Faiz :)

In the middle of silver and gold angel hihihihi

Long tees-Bazaar La Kodefin, Red Checkered Short-Nevada, studded bag-LM for Hardware, Heart Tights-Plaza Semanggi, Ornament Black boots-Plaza Semanggi

Yess, the perfomances from Masima Stage!

Gugun & The Blues Shelter

(and i found my friend, Dansky from Heyho, playing guitar hihihi)

The other!

I don't get lots of pic, coz it's so full hihihihi
But i like it :)

PS : i was planning to meet Ghaida in here, but we cannot meet up.
hope we can meet someday :)

PPS : if u come to event like this, please wear sandals or sneakers. don't use something heels that can makes hurt ur foot. and wear something comfy, coz u should walk from one place to another :)

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