... Sweet Baby 1st Video Clip ...

This is Sweet Baby!
They are Inez and Adin
they really sweet, nice and fun!
According their music and personality,
here's their outfit for Sweet Baby 1st video clip, "Dag Dig Dug"

Inez : white dress, blue stocking, yellow sneakers (SB wardrobe's), belt-Pikok, pink stripes socks-Naughty, hairpiece-Titaz
Adin : black dress, pink tights, green sneakers (SB wardrobe's), red belt-Pikok, blue stripes socks-Naughty, headband-Titaz

Adin : Yellow & Purple tank top-Ambassador, black & blue socks-Naughty, Blue turquise necklace-Titaz, colourfull polka skirts-green lime tights-green sneakers (SB wardrobe)
Inez : Red & Light green tank top-Ambassador, black & yellow socks-Naughty, colourfull polka skirts-light blue tights-yellow sneakers (SB wardrobe)

Adin : abstract green dress & red belt-Pikok, green lime tank top-Ambassador, headband & red tights socks-Titaz, yellow tights-green sneakers (SB wardrobe)
Inez : abstract pink dress & black belt-Pikok, pink tank top-Ambassador, hairpiece & tie dye pink tights-Titaz, pink sneakers (SB wardrobe)

Inez & Adin : red & light green tank top-Ambassador, flowery pop shorts-Ambassador & Pejaten Village Bazaar, Strawberry & Dora Emon sandals-Naughty

Inez : bow pink headband-Forever 21, pink coat-Titaz, pink He Loves Me tees-La Kodefin Bazaar, black knee socks-Naughty, abstract skirts-Forthorughmyeyes, bag-Titaz, brown flat (SB wardrobe)
Adin : colourfull stripes dress-Titaz, white Celebs Love Tees-La kodefin bazaar, black knee socks-Naughty, black belt-Titaz, converse (SB wardrobe)

That last wardrobe, is my favourite!
How about you?

Wait for Sweet Baby 1st video clip, Dag Dig Dug :)

ps: i will post it if i already have the video hihihi

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