... playing around ...

It's Greyish!
just play with my lousy tops and legging :)
Greyish Tops-Forever 21, Grey legging-unbranded, Colourfull owl necklace-Forever 21, black oxford-Melawai

Puffy Boy
puffy top mix with jeans and boots :)
Grey Puffy Top-Momo, Jeans-Zara, Shawl-Centro, DocMart-Vintage

From this outfit, u can get 3 style!
Style 1: loose sweater covered the skirt. comfy :)

Style 2 : put skirt in ur hips. feels like school girl :p

Style 3 : put the skirt under the chest. baby doll style hihihihi :)
grey sweater-Noir SurBlanc, rainbow shawl-Centro, Abstract Skirt-FashionThroughMyEyes, Black pump heels-Plaza Semanggi

My Mom's Stuff! this is my Mom's shirt. I really like it, so she give it to me :)
Pattern Shirt-Mom's stuff, red watch-Happy Urban, BlackPump Heels-Plaza Semanggi

Always love to playing around with stuff hiihihi :)

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