... style compilation part 1 ...

These are compilation of my style part 1
hope can be ur inspiration :)

Style 1 : Long tees-long cardi-shawl-legging-boots
long tees, leopard legging-Momo, brown boots-Garage Store, shawl-Centro, long cardi-Melawai

Style 2: tees - stripe dress - belt - sneakers
colourfull strippy dress-Garage Store, Prambors Tees-Prambors Official Merchandise, red belt-unbranded, Goldie sneakers-Reebok

Style 3: Jodhpur Pants - Long top - tank top - long cardi
This shoes is verrry comfy. and cheeap! hihihi. only IDR 50 @ Melawai :)

long top and red top-unbranded, jodhpur pants-unbranded, black oxford-Melawai, long cardi-Melawai, necklace-Forever 21

Style 4 : long printed tees - shawl - long cardie - legging - wedges
lace legging-Momo, printed long tees-Nevada, long Cardie-Melawai, studded bag-LM for Hardware, black wedges-Amante, Shawl-Centro

PS : this lace legging, exactly the same like I see in Next :)

Have fun with ur wardrobe!
dunno affraid to mix it :)


  1. nice style..visit mine and leave some comments..

  2. Hai Dorothyyy :)
    terima kasih yaa sudah bermain.
    i will visit u :)

  3. aku suka style 2 dear :)
    love strips so