... Rein and Poet's Wedding ...

They're my friends from Tarakanita 3 elementary and junior high
they're been together since junior high
and they are still together...
after almost 15 years being together, now they married!

Congratz Rein and Putri!!
May the love, joy and happiness always around both of you
every second, every minute, every day, every year

PS : their wedding party at Bella Rossa is really fun!! lots of food, beer, wine (ehm) and also prizesss hihihihihi

Me with Tisa and her fiance :)
i'm wearing Batik bolero from my auntie, black tank -top, long necklace, jodhpur pants, and snake skin gladiator heels


  1. wah ikut happy ^0^

    slamat mnempuh hdp baru for them ^-^

    With Love,


    Miss Rinda - Personal Blog

  2. Heyoo Miss Rinda,
    terima kasih buat doanya. akan saya sampaikan :)