... Saturday Blast ...

My saturday blast is started with Big Raining :(
but it ended up with a blast :)

It started with Fashion Blogger Meet Up
where I can met new friends in here
"Helloooo... nice to meet u, girls :) "

Here we are!! Always take a pic hihihihi
Reevo, Aisha, Me and Shinta

Me with Nitya, who made this meet up happen
thank you so much, darling :)

Batik dress-from my mom's closet, unbranded top and short, red tight-Melawai, black sneakers-Converse limited edition, studded sling bag-The Little Things She Need

Ended with meet my old friend, Renny :)
And we are ready to made our new projects!
Just wait hehehehe

Thank you, God, for this Saturday Blast :)