... sendratari Ramayana ...

Sendratari Ramayana @ Candi Prambanan
the ticket from IDR 75.000 - IDR 200.000
full story : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Before see the Ramayana ballet, get the pic first hihihihi :)
Here's the shoow!!
After the show, we can get photo shoot with the actor or actress
to be honest I really want to get a pic with Hanoman and Rahwana,
but they didn't showed up :(

So I get a pic with
Dewi Shinta
And Lesmana, Rama's brother
With Rama
And off course, get some pic in the stage hihihihi :)
me: Stripe top-vintage, Batik tube dress-Mirota, brown bag-Marie Claire, black oxford flat-Melawai

Novi, Renny, Mbak Nastya and me :)


  1. After some exhaustive research, I have reached to a conclusion that versions of Ramayana exists in many languages, including Annamese, Balinese, Bengali, Cambodian, Chinese, Gujarati, Javanese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Khotanese, Laotian, Malaysian, Marathi, Oriya, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, etc. In Sanskrit itself there are 25 different versions. According to A. K. Ramanujam, more than 300 tellings of Ramayana exist.

    Each has newer dimensions, more fascinating than the other.

    Read them in reverse order here- http://souravroy.com/?s=too+many+ramayanas

  2. seruuuuuuu foto sama Rama nya ! *wink*

  3. ramanya bakal pentas di Jakarta tanggal 20 Juni, di TMII :)