... Beyonce Single Ladies Nite! ...

I've got an invitation for last saturday nite :)
Single Ladies @ Immigrant - Plaza Indonesia 5th Floor
Supported by Sony Music Indonesia

All the guest especially ladies, should put this sticker in her body or fashion
like this!
She is Miss Fabiola
She dressed like a Beyonce
and she's dancing like a Beyonce!
Really awesome!
I wish I can dance like her hihihihi :)
Let's have fun, all single ladies!
me and Misha
Misha, Mario Patrick, Marco, Me, Boya and Budhi
meet our old work-mate : Kapoy!
Boya, Misha, Kapoy and me :)
He's already moved to new office for a long time and never see him hihihi
What a fun nite!
Thank youuu, kakak Nabil for inviting us :)
It's a great party!


  1. keren banget kak :) aku kirain beyonce bneran

  2. @AisaIcha it's really great party. we can see 'Beyonce' wanna be hihihihi :)

    @Vdcouture ada Beyoncenya kok, ve. Beyonce wanna be. tapi keren boo :)

    @Emilie thank youuu :)