... the Girls!...

A few weeks ago, I met my girls
we're friends since Bintang Kampus Cita Cinta 2004

This time we met for giving Luvi a round trophy
and meet Nina before she go back to Semarang for her wedding

Unfortunatelly, not all of BKCC can come
so just 4 of us :)

Valent, Nina, Me and Luvi

Round Trophy for Luvi who married last month
next will be Nina :)

Mr Hippo!

In front of Yuppi Area :)
it's always fun to meet them :)

PS : i wear red high neck tops-Mom's, knit outer-Mom's, studded bag-The Little Things She Need, Hat-Heritage, leopard legging-Momo


  1. so nice, looking cute as usual :p

  2. where is this? :)

    thanks for your comment sweety!
    such pretty blog! :D

    Miss Petite - Toxic Valentine

  3. kak titaz itu sweet bgt dikasi trophy hehe. btw i just followed and linked u in my blog :) see you at brighspot kak....

  4. seems you had a lot of fun!
    love your blog, i will come back soon!
    thanx for your sweet comment.....hope you will visit me again!
    xoxo from rome

  5. @Vdcouture terima kasiih, darling :)

    @cathy yes, in Jakarta. r u in here too?

    @Aisha hihihihi tradisi angkatan aku, say. jadi tiap ada yang merit, namanya diukir disitu dan dikasih plakat sampai ada yg berikutnya menikah :)

    @kcomekarolina i'll visited youuu :)