... it's random! ...

This is my random style and my random daily story behind that :)

I will attend a party on Kampus rooftop, one of popular club in Jakarta
the fact, the party are full with my college mates and my junior. a lil bit reunion :)
here I am :)

fringe black dress-Magnolia, black snake pattern latex legging-Momo, black heels ankle boots-Icon99, black croco clutch-Matahari, acid wash colourfull shawl-Centro, headband + fur brooch :)

Well.. it's a lil bit shame to tell hihihi, i woke up late and need to hurry
I just choose random things from my closet
and here's the result :)

Prambors tees-Prambors official merchandise, black outer-Melawai, roll-up black jeans-Zara, black flat oxford-Melawai, Batik bag-Urban Fest, headband-unbranded

I just want to wear a skirt
so I try to mix this long tops with skirt and jacket jeans :)

long grey tops-Momo, snake pattern skirt-FashionThroughMyEyes, Batik Bag-Urban Fest, acid wash colourfull shawl-Centro, Jacket Jeans-unbranded, red flat shoes-Chocoratti

Enjoy the day :)

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