... Meet the Owner! ...

I get an assignment to report new Black Canyon Store on KM 19 Rest Area Cikampek
and theeen... i met the owner, mrs. Pop :)
She's really nice and funky hihihihi

It's so nice to meet you, mam :)

You need delicious food?
you can try Black Canyon Coffee!
Now Black Canyon Coffee already open on KM 19 Rest Area Cikampek
so if you are on the way to Bandung, don't forget to come :)

Crab Croquette
it's delicious :)

Iced chocolate with Whipped Cream
I can say, this whipped cream is so delicious and good :)



  1. hi.
    i jus found ur blog.and i like it
    nice outfit:)
    i like ur style

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  2. @Chie haaaii Chie. makasii sudah berkunjung :)
    looking to ur blog soon :)