... Ne-Yo ...

The schedule : Ne-Yo live in concerts at August, 2 - 2010 in Jakarta
The reality : he re-schedulled it.
The reason : He wanna see another concerts in Jakarta first, if the audience response are good and safe (without bombing etc), he will consider Jakarta in his Tour Planning 2011.

Hmm... i think he should have more chit-chat with another musician who's already do the concerts in Jakarta like Joel Madden-Good Charlotte, Placebo, Lamb of God, Pitbull, Black Eyed Peas, 311 and many more. They had a great time in here :)

Jakarta is awesome, dude!



  1. totally agree kak :) i hope he will come in 2011 and no reschedule *crossing finger*

  2. yup. i hope so. i guess he should learn and know more about concerts in Indonesia from all the musicians who's already come to Jakarta :)