... Semarang Part 1...

See the old church after lunch

Lawang Sewu
One of the famous scarriest place in Indonesia
this place is so famous with 1000 doors inside
u can have a trip with a guide in here
my guide is so nice, he explain the history about this place so well
a lil bit horror I guess, but the place is great
The magnificent glass window
the woman in left is wife from the head master
the right is the daughter

See the Safari Circus on the nite :)
If you trip to Semarang and wanna go around the city,
you can rent a car with a driver
I do that.
First, I don't know the routes hihihi
Second, sometime the driver can be our guide too.
Like my driver, he can explain lots of great place in Semarang

I had a blast!
July 19, 2010

ps: I wear black and white strippy shirt, black short, t-strap red flat and studded bag-TLTSN