... Nu Yerrr? ...

A quick recap what i've done in New Year's Eve
well, i'm work! hihihihi

one of my international Artist, DUE VOCI (Kelly Levesque & Tyler Hamilton), was coming to J-Town and play at Mulia's New Year's Eve Show at Grand Ballroom.

Here they are...

And also, one of my local artist - SANDHY SONDORO. He's performed too at Cascade Lounge-Mulia Hotel :)

But in the end, Sandhy are joining Due Voci to do one perfomance together :)

After that?
Have fun with my work-mate and ehem.. my bosss!

PS : i've get a chance to have a pic with Tyler, just the two of us *winkwink

Hope we have a great yearrr in 2011! Cheers!