... Mew! ...

Here's a pics when Mew come to Indonesia
They do the perfomance on Soundburst 2010 - Surabaya!

here iam, supervise the media interview
in my back, Mew are interviewed by Hai Magazine hehehe

Here's MEW!!!
they are so cute and nice! Ow ow ow :)

the audience on venue. it's full!!
MEW on stage!
their perfomance is sooo awesome!!
the background is really cool :)

Anddd... i got the bonus!
Bo's pick on my hand!! ahooy!!

After work, it's time for fun!

have a lunch on Ming Dim Sum at Garden Palace Restaurant
with my workmate Nabil, Welly (CreativeDisc.com) and Dian (Gadis Magz)

Then go to Sampoerna Museum :)

It's really good to have a great time in Surabaya!
btw, i have a pic with MEW, but i forgot where i save it. huhuhu.

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