... a quick trip! ...

This is my quick trip to Bandung on 2010
the 1st thing is to attend one of my good friend's wedding,
Sazkia and Rino
Here's the bride and the grooom!

The bride is exciteddd!! hihihihi
she's look pretty :)
well, she's so different. I used to see her in casual way hehehe.

The wedding place
they do the party in the garden :)

It's a green wedding
Sazkia and Rino gives the guest a plant for souvenir hehehe.
i pick some and bring it to my home
that plan is still grow till now :)

Me and Fitry
Me:tie-dye see through outer-Mom's, blue mini dress-vintage, strappy studded sandals-Bata

After attend the party,
as usuall, I always looking seafood hihihi.
so here we gooooo!!
i'm sorry, i forgot the place name :(
Enjoy the Scallop!

And then Crab with Padang Sauce
hot, spicy and nyam-nyam :)

In the middle of the street, I see this sign
it's funny. The Cafe called Cafe Bali, but they serving Sundanesse Food :)

at the night, we go to Cihampelas Walk
we try Cup & Cino
the choco pancake is great :)
double pancake with choco ice cream, choco sauce and wafer
and sip of warm cappuccino. hmmm...
After that, i meet my friend, Ghaida
She's a blogger too
visit her blog in here :)

Ghaida and her husband, Apin
Me and Ghaida
we met first time from the blog and became a friend till now :)

What a great quick trip!!

Update : now Sazkia and Rino are waiting their first child.
hope everythings going well yaww :)


  1. hihihi pasti kamu makan sea food HDL deeehhh :p thank you for coming, deaaarr! mwah...

  2. @SazQ's CV aaaah aku lupa nama daerahnya hihihihihi. pokoke lumayan maknyusss :)