... 1981 vs 2011 ...

I like these two royal weddings :)

In 1981 : Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

The pics are from random sources

In 2011 : Prince William and Kate Middleton

the pics is from random sources and Fashionista

First of all, I adore Lady Diana
so I choose the 1981's wed.
but the 2011's wed is amazing too.
for the wedding dress? I choose Kate's gown :)

Well, I hope Lady Diana is always smile in a heaven
and Kate Middleton is happy with her new life with Prince William :)

Well, which one do you like? :)


  1. Kate Middleton looks sooo beautiful, but almost little too thin - I thought she was so beautiful before. She still looks beautiful though.

    Jazzy I do label where my things are in every post, its usually under the first pic xx

  2. hello titaz, i love the wedding dress, she look stunning isnt she...? :)
    anw, about the shoes, you can check the site here: http://www.baparsyah.com/


  3. No kak , aku gak dilamar hehehe :) mau sih sebetulnya :p
    how r you kak? long time no seeeeeeeeeee

  4. i think everyone loves royal wedding :) it was freaking awesome.

    can not wait for prince harry's royal wed.

  5. @Jenny yup. Kate looks so thin :)

    @Gogo thank you for the link :)

    @Ikmalia sepertinya masih lama nih buat prince harry hehehe.

  6. ROYAAAAAL WEEEEED! love it! i'm good kak thanks :) how r youuu? kangeeen :"(

  7. @Sartob haiii bocah badung, senang mendengar kamu baik2 saja. gimana disana? posting gaya kamu yang keren2 doong :)