... Graduation Day! ...

On April 9th, I was attend my cousin - Dinnie's graduation day
the same day with my mom's birthday
aaand... my lovely besties, Isty, is also graduated too
she's in the same university with Dinnie - Budi Luhur University
So this is a special day for my family and off course, for Dinnie and Isty's family :)

My step father, my aunty (Dinnie's mom), me, my mom and my uncle (Dinnie's father)
we're waiting Dinnie come out from the ballroom :)

Here's Dinnie!
Congratz, sista!

She's wearing purple kebaya. She's really looove purple colour :)

Me with the graduation girls - Dinnie (left) and Isty (right)
congratz, girls!

Take a pics in front of the university backdrop :)
white lace mini dress-UTD, pearl necklace-vintage, studded sling bag-TLTSN, dual tone ankle boots-Icon99, socks-Debenhams

The birthday mom!
wish u a happy and great year, mom :)

all the photos taken by : Dimsky a.k.a Dimas - Dinnie's brother