... Meet Sara Bareilles! ...

The things that I love from my job is... I can meet lots of people :)

Like this,
I can meet Sara Bareilles!!

Sony Music Indonesia with Sara Bareilles
and Gamal, one of our local artist

Here's Gamal!
He's adore Sara so much :)

My ID for concerts :)
black dress-Dolce Vita, printed top-Rip Curl, Sneakers-Converse, studded bag-TLTSN

Sara is really nice and humble :)
Glad that I can meet her when she's come to J-Town

btw, I choose the welcoming gift for her. Hope she's like it :)


  1. hi there :) what a great experience you can meet many cool people! by the way, what do you do? :)

  2. @Vinna hi Vin :) i used to work in radio, now I work on record label company :)

  3. Tazzz tiiiiiii, i just see it.. great as alwayssss... love it