... 3 in 1 ...

Mustard cardigan, printed tights, white tees, brown bagpack - unbranded, shaped black necklace & pinky shoes - TLTSN, black layered lace skirts & black hoodie jacket - Magnolia, Tribal clutch - Go Girl

3 style from 1 outfit in 1 day
just add some and leave some :)

Mustard cardigan for day,
Black hoodie jacket for dinner,
Tribal clutch and forget the tights for party :)



  1. i like your bagpack

  2. @Californiaction thank you. it's a unbranded bag :)

  3. heeey, nice mix. keep it up. anyway, can u tell me about join in IFB, Im interest. thx before

  4. @Dindy just clikc IFB badge on my blog and follow the rules. it's easy and fun. you can follow their blog to get news and updates about how to blogger :D

  5. hay titaz. thx for answer my question and visit my blog. about the excahnge link, check out ur URL in 'my recommend'. xoxo