... it's my day! ...

Today is my birthdaaaay!!
 New age, new days and (hope) new me *winkwinkwink
I had lots of greetings from my family, my work-mates, my friends, even my clients and my artist's fans :D

Had a lil' celebration in my home at midnight and my office in the morning :)

Thank youuuu so much for all wishes and greetings!
It's really meaning so much for me :)

Thank you :)

PS : I get some flower bouqet but don't have a name, only a greetings without name
thank you :)


  1. happy bornday Titaz. hope u get ur dream fastly. be better person. cute cake anyway. xoxo

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAAAAYYYY, TITAAZZZ! send a bunch of wishes!

  3. @Dindy thank youuu so much :)

    @Beatrix thank you, darling :)