... Go Red! ...

 Red Turtle Neck sweater-Mom's gift, Pyschedelic Pattern Dress-Chic Simple, Black Leather Boots-unbranded from Mustafa, Owl ring - Bali, Red sling bag - Hubs

 Errr... it's not about the football hehehe.
I talk about my outfit last week. I really loves RED :)
Red is always makes me full energy :)

Had a great day. Great meeting with the promotor who will make Pitbull Concert on December. Meet few friends. Good drink and cookies on Starbucks.

 Btw, my friend from Cita Cinta Magazine ask me
"what is your important stuff that you cannot live without exclude handphone, blackberry and wallet?"
my answer is my agenda / organizer
I always write my work details and everything in there
can't imagine if this 'magical' thing gone huhuhuhu.
I have my tablet pad, but I guess I like this conventional organizer :)
I think I'm not a gadget girl hehehe.

What about you?
"What is your important stuff that you cannot live without?"


  1. @The Doll On Fashion : thank youuu :)

  2. sweaternya lucuuu, beli dimana kahh?

    samaa, akujuga nyatet di agenda
    ribett kalo pake gadget



  3. @Jiglycious dibeliin nyokap hehehe. agenda udah paling bener deh :)