... JFW 2012 : Grazia Glitz & Glam ...

This fashion show held by Grazia Indonesia magazine
Selected Indonesia's celebrities showing their design in this show, such as :
Ussy and her bf, Andhika Pratama with their shoes line, 
Dimas Beck and Melly Goeslaw with their glam design,
Claudia Hidayat with her stylish accessories,
Rossa with her glamorous fashion line,
Tia Ivanka and Tia Lestari with their casual glam design,
and also new design from Flirt! by Indah Kalalo and Fabiola.
All in one on Grazia Glitz and Glam Fashion show :)

Thank you for Grazia Indonesia who invited me to this show
it's glitz and glam!

The Design by :
1. Claudia Hidayat
2 + 3. Dimas Beck and Melly Goeslaw
4. Flirt by Indah Kalalo and Fabiola
5. Rossa
6. Tia Ivanka and Tiara Lestari
7. Ussy and Andhika

Still more from JFW 2012! 


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