... JFW 2012 : Ina & Ivan ...

this is the 2nd fashion show I attend on JFW 2012 : Ina Thomas & Ivan Gunawan

These 2 different style designer shared the runway
Ina Thomas with her glam and glamorous design. 
lots of maxi skirt, flowing gown with black colors and bling-bling details.
Ivan Gunawan more playfull.
Lotsa colors and print in his design. full of details and colors.

I looves Ina's design. I like the Black and flowing with a touch of bling.
but I like the colorfull of Ivan.
Aaah.. it's hard to describe it hehehe.

But overal, I like this fashion show.
Thanks to my friend, Gilang, who gave me VIP invitation
Front row with lotsa celebrities hehehe :)

Pick A Pics :
1 + 2 : Ina Thomas
3. Ivan Gunawan

Since my camera is broken, I take the pics from JFW 2012 :)


  1. sukaa sama postingannya, kmrn ga dateng karena sakit, padahal udah dapet invitationnya

    aku follow km di twitter juga
    hehehe mudah2n di follow back


  2. Thank you for your sweet comment !!!;)

    I love these photos of JFW 2012 !!!;)
    A big kiss from Brazil!;)

  3. @Jiglycious terima kasiiih :) sayang yaa ga datang, keren banget :D

    aku sudah follback kamu yess!

  4. @Deia Thank you for visiting :)