... Loovess It! ...

Thank You, God!
because of my work, I can meet lots of people
Including the artist, from local or international
some of is my idol, that's makes me star struck when I'm meet them hehehe :)
Thank you God for this blessed things!

I love my job
and I believe, if we really love our job,
good things will always come, even after shit happens :)

Pick the pics!
1. Santana! OMG he's so humble!
2. Hurts! Adam and Theo are so nice. Well, you can read about them in here, here and here. just click!
3.Anggun. she's a famous singer from Indonesia and now stay in France. She's so nice and humble. I'm her fans since I was a lil girl :)
4. Maher Zain. the famous religy singer.
5. Sara Bareilles. She's so nice. her concert in Jakarta is great :)
6. Brandon Boyd - Incubus. When they had 1st concert in Jakarta, I don't had a chance to meet them. This yerr, I can meet them. Yeaaaay!!
7. David Archuletta. Who's doesn't like this cute and nice boy?
8. Mike Posner. Baby please doon't goooo :)
9. Sophie Ellis-Bextor. She's so pretty and adorable. oh yess, she's so tall :)
10. The Script! I already meet them when they had a concert in Singapore. but this time, when they doing show in Jakarta, I can meet them and take a pics :)


  1. wah kakak kerja apa? :D asik bangeeeet! ajak-ajak dong.

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  3. wah kakak kerja apa? :D asik bangeeeet! ajak-ajak dong.

  4. non of them is my idol. but meeting new people is SOOOO COOL! :D nice, titaz ;)

  5. Baca ini awalnya tadi gue pikir terakhirnya surat resign :))

  6. envy! seems like ur job is so much fun :)
    i love to read ur blog as well, new follower here :)


  7. @polakatelu kerja di label, dek :) nanti kalo ada, aku kabarkan deeh. maen2 ke blog aku aja. kadang suka aku posting :)

  8. @Indi hehehehe yoiih. just being blessed everyday!

  9. @rere ahahahahahaa bisa ajaaaaah :)

  10. @valencia thank youuu :) welcome to my blog :D