.. Hi. How R You? ...

Long time no see :)
I'm just moved to another division in the middle of January,
from press and publication, to digital and business development.

A lil bit shock. A lil bit down. Because I really like my old division.
But heeey.. let's trying to see from the brightside *winkwinkwink
"We never know untill we try"

So here Iam. in my new division with my new team.
find a new thing, new world.
need to learn much again, but it's ok
"Never too late for learn" :)

I believe God had a plan for us,
at first we will hate it. but in the end we will thankful to God.

So sorry if i'm not updating my blog for a while
my digicam is broken too.. so sad :(
untill the new one, I will snap it with my Blackberry's camera :)

Have A Great Day :)

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