... It's Monday ...

 black shirt - LM for HW | Shredded Jeans - Unbranded / MomoShop | bold stone necklace - Mika | studded bracelet - TLTSN | purple wedges - BumikuBatiku

Yup, it's Monday!
How's is your monday?
My monday so far so good.
start with wake up early and go home late hehehe.
but overall everything fine :)

Today is my first day wearing my BumikuBatiku's shoes
This shoes made from suede and tenun - traditional fabric :)
it's comfy, edgy and stylish.
looves it!

What do you think about my new shoes?

Hope you have a great monday :)


  1. Love the shoes! They are so special in a GREAT way!
    My monday is going with homework's.... Baaah. Not funny. :)

    I just started a competition on my blog - you can win a recommendation of your blog! :)

    Love Marie from and-mary.blogspot.com

  2. @Mary thank youuu for your comment :)
    I already follow ur blog :D