... Last Weekend: Sayfestville 2012 ...

Black sleeves top - LM 4 HW basic | asymetrical pink skirt - DaunHitam | colorful flowery brooch - Meindiq | Pink hot beannie - Mom's | black docmart

Sayfestville 2012!
2 days music and art festival in Senayan, including the pools
April 13 - Day 1 : Colbie Cailat and many more
April 14 - Day 2 : Rasmus Faber, The Groove, Gita Cinta The Musical Highlight and many more

I'm just attend the 2nd day.
See The Groove, Gita Cinta and Rasmus Faber
lots of art and fashion tenant.
in this pic, I was get the pic with Popo, the artist and Mahe (white shirt) my friend from Cinemags.

Jazz under the stars! and you can swim too :)
too bad I don't bring my swimsuit hehehe :)

Thank you for CreativeDisc for giving me the tix for this festival!

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