... Maher Zain ...

Last week, I had a promo tour for one of our International Artist, Maher Zain
He's a religious singer. but his song is so catchy and easy listening
no wonder his first album, "Thank You Allah" (2011) be a big hit in Indonesia

This April, he's release his 2nd album, "Forgive Me" with 1st single 'Forgive Me'.
Thanks God that the album had many attention from all medias and fans in Indonesia. Thank youuu :)

one of the activity is interview with some of medias. One of them is MQTV.
lucky me, I can met Ghaida.
Her husband, Apin, is the director of MQTV hehehe. 
so after the interview session, we can meet and do some pics :) 
Ghaida is like Maher too. She's attend Maher's concerts in Jakarta and Bandung last year.

Because I don't have any camera except my blackberry,
here's the pic from Ghaida's blog after the interview session.

Thank you Ghaida! Thank you Apin!
Thank you for all of you who support Maher Zain :)

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