... Justice Crew in Jakarta : Let's Smileee! ...

 Purple tie-dye asymetrical dress - LM for HW | denim shorts - Nudie (almost unseen) | Tiger Hat - Naughty | Gold Sneakers - Reebok | Vintage Watch - Casio

 It's time to get pics with Justice Crew!
Here's some of our pics.
My self and with my team from Sony Music


What You See :
1. Justice Crew with my partner in crime, Pondra
2. Justice Crew with all of Sony Music Team. yeaaaay!!
3. While JC taking pics for magazine, I'm taking pic with them hihihihi.
4 & 5. Me with JC. hihihihihi
6. Me with my another partner in crime : Madame S hehehe.


  1. titaz i don't know why but when i click join button it always error. maybe i'll try again tmrw ;)

  2. Oh wow! You are soooo pretty!! :)

  3. heello titaz your so lucky bisa sama mereka, i just found your blog from sartob post and yes she's is rite you have such a great sense of style so unique with lil bit touch of chic look :) glad to know you. keep awesome titaz.

  4. @Rima haii Rima. makasii yaa :)

  5. @Anna thank youu. So do with you, Anna :)

  6. @The Doll yess it's really fun :)

  7. @Anita terima kasih sudah berkunjung ke blog ku yess :)