... It's Me! ...

 Yup. The collage is about me. my life, my passion, my spirit. my power. my energy :)

Lots of my friends says that I'm a strong and energetic girl,
it was prove with all activities that I've done. plus all the good and bad things in life that I shud face it :)
they said, I always smile everytime and everywhere, and never loose the energy.
my mom called me 'bola bekel', kind a ball who can jump everywhere hehehe :p
well, I guess it because they gave me lots of spirits, positive things and energy for me
If we surrounded by positive and energetic people, we will be like that.
that's why I want to be like that so I can share my energy, my passion, my spirit, and my power for others :)

I always believe, if we always have a passion to do something,
you will love and always have energy to do it :)
that's why I love my life, because I feel pasion in it.
I feel passion in my work things, my activity, my dream, my goal and my step
I love family. music. fashion. art. food. movie, and now I live and learn from that :)
lots work things, meet stars with their attitude, meet new people, making something, doing something,
anything can possible if we have faith, spirit, passion, energy and power!
because of that passion,
I feel powerful and energetic, to face everything :)

well, for example. I loovess Pitbull, Incubus, Justice Crew and Foster The People.
even I feel nervous to meet and work with, but I always dare to face it
My energy, passion and power makes me can meet one of my idol, Lady Gaga.
I had chance to interview and meet her. It was such a big opportunity.
and all this things happen because I feel powerfull and energetic to do what I want
we never know what will be next until we try, rite? :)

That's why I choose SONY VAIO E - 14P!
easy to use with technology 3rd generation Intel Core
well, I'm not an IT expert, but I believe this technology makes stress free for me, 
who need smart notebook to fullfil my need and daily activity :)
Combination red and black, it's about energy and power.
beside I loveeeess black and red (it's true!),
Sony VAIO E - 14P powerful and energetic it's so me.
Because It's me.
Because it's Sony Vaio E - 14 P
Powerful and Energetic :)

Life with passion!
And enjoy the life with power and energy :)


  1. it so nice to know more about you
    panggilan bola bekel nya lucuuu


  2. @Jiglycious hehehehe iyaa. abisan kata ibu saya ga bisa diem :)

  3. @fhenny hihihihi keren yaah :)

  4. berkunjung ke blog titaz sambil nunggu buka :P

  5. @Anonymous terima kasiih sudah berkunjung :)

  6. energetic yet passionate & full on positive. the three characteristics that pop in my mind whenever i come across you, whether in person or through your blog. now, go & get that freakin' laptop! :)

  7. great snaps!
    may be we could follow each other-just let me know and I will return the favor,


  8. @M*D*V hihihihi thank youuu, dayvhee :)

  9. hahaha unyu banget semua bahsan di post ini yest this is fact about you ka !! you're really energic and have more positive . aku juga suka iri sama kaka bisa enjoy dengan apa yang kaka lakuin walaupun itu membuat beteeek >,<.. hihi anw i use vaio juga loh.hahahah

    (re : in my blog too ya ka )

  10. @Sabrina hehehehe iyaaaa makasii :)