... Day at Provoke! ...

Teenage in Jakarta and Indonesia, must be know about Provoke!
it's a magazine for high-school student.
it's young, energetic, dare to different and unpredictable!
small magazine with a huge content :)

Few days ago, RAN was came to Provoke! Headquarter
they doing some interview and video perfomance
if you wanna know more, just wait when the new edition will release :)

here's the pics from Provoke! headquarter 

 Meet Yudi,
He is my friend who also personnel from Everybody Loves Irene

Abstract sweater - unbranded
color necklace - kalungku
denim pants - LM4HW
red flats - The Little Things She Need

The set is so cool
I can resist to not take pic from there hehehe :)

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Tetap Semangat / Keep The Spirit!

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