... #HiddenPark ...

Park is always be a part of our town.
unfortunatelly, not every park can explore by us.
so here's the #HiddenPark campaign about, to find and explore our park in town
also to make the park comfy, safe and great
so we all can go to the park and enjoy being there :)

my company join the #HiddenPark project. 
Here's what they have in Opening Ceremony #HiddenPark at Taman Langsat Nov,3 :)
They have lots of cool things in that park!

Before the opening ceremony,
a week before at Oct 28, #HiddenPark makes some cleaning projects in Taman Langsat
this activity was attend by many people
from college and high-school student, elderly, community, celebrity and musician
all together cleaning the park to create a better Taman Langsat for our future :)

btw, my company have a project called Orange Park Project.
what is about? I will share the details later 
meanwhile, Taman Langsat is a great park to hang out
so please come and enjoy it :)

flowery white-blue dress - unbranded | necklace - Forever 21 & Diva | black metallic flatshoes - TLTSN | Tribal Tenun Bag - Bumiku

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