... My Last Weekend ...


I spend my sunday with come to SWOMA and Woman's bazaar 
it held by Sekar Magazine at FX - Jakarta
They have awarding moment for SWOMA winner, competition and bazaar.
SWOMA is about woman entrepreneur. 
love to see what they do.
and I love can see many cute and good things in bazaar hihihihi.

the winner. cute things at bazaar. fun photo with funny stuff. meet old friends.
my new owls : the pink and the brown owly
it's a nice event :)

Outfit :
lousy white red stripes and denim - A | black flats & bracelets - TLTSN | Tenun Bima Bag - Bumiku 

For the outfit, I borrow my boy's denim and shirt.
well, actually I wear a dress, and somehow I wanna change it :)
looks good on me, rite?
Hope your weekend is good, people :)

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