... note for friend :) ...

This blog is dedicated for one of my fave blogger, Linsey Sijmons from Pose.
Just read her post about Up, Side and Down.

Well, I don't know the real story about it. Even I didn't know her personally.
I just stumbled to her blog since she visited and leave comment in my blog,
and from that I fall in love with her blog, her outfit, her style and her story :)

and here's a lil note for her. like I write below her post :)

Dear Linsey,
don't worry. everything gonna be amazing at the end :)
my life is also up and down in this past few months. i'm down and sad, but life still go on.
all we can do is move on and find our happiness again. don't let the bad things turn you down :)

my mom always said, God always have big plan for us. just do your best and wait it. in the end everything gonna be amazing :)

Hope you always have your spirit, faith and passion
Everything gonna be amazing coz you're amazing :)

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