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How's ur monday?

my monday is a lil bit drama in the morning. coz the electricity died till lunch time so I can't get shower. but I still believe, after the shit things there will come the goodthings hehehe. so even I get drama in the morning, i will have a great day :)

14. #goodthings :
1. I can feel how's the feeling get the shower with Aqua mineral water hihihi.
2. I'm feel blessed that my office let me come after lunch time.

3. Usually, I always go home at night when the sky already dark. but todaaaay, I go home in the afternoon, when I still can see the sun in the sky. yeaaay!!
4. Had a delicious dinner with my bestie, Ninoy :)
5. My package from Daun Hitam Shop already arrived. will post it later :)

I'm trying to count my blessings everyday. It helps me to feel happy and blessed. How about you?

#goodthings & #tetapsemangat!

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