... 2012 : Surabaya & MLTR ...

This one of my 2012 memory, see Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) concert!

I grew up with MLTR's songs. My favorite song is 25 Minutes. it's about when you late to say ur feeling with someone who you love. sounds familiar rite?

My plan is to see them at Surabaya. But somehow, I got 'golden ticket'! Well, I get offer to be host for their press conference in Jakarta and Surabaya, and also host for after party in Surabaya. Waaww. I'm so excited! and here we are, flying to Surabayaaaaa :D

The concert is great! All audience is singing together. MLTR play their video clip in several songs. And somehow it looks like Karaoke Concert hehehehe. but the concert is great. especiall for they who had memory with MLTR songs or grew up with MLTR songs, like me :)

Unfortunatelly, I didn't had a chance to get a pic with them. But I get my CD signed. yeaaay! Well, I'm feel blessed about this opportunity :)

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