... Happy Nu Yerr 2013! ...

At first, I wanna say... 
"Happy Belated Nu Yerr 2013!"

Sorry for a lil bit missing.in.action since the last post :)
Well, it's already mid January 2013
How's ur day?

My day is so far so good
since I resign from my super-busy work in international company and move to small -friendly and less-busy work, I plan so many things.
from starting again my own small company in media relation and creative strategy, prepare new season for my fashion line with my partner, being a freelance writer & freelance stylist again that used to be postponed coz my old job is so hectic, and spread all the #goodthings and #tetap semangat in social media. Off course, not to forget my main job, as a media manager for 3 great artist in Orange Entertainment. This plan already plan and execute from last yerr. and this yerr, I will make it more better and better.

Sometimes, I miss my old job. the busy things, the office, the environment even my workermates. but I believe, God has a great plan for me in His way. I need to do what I plan best as I can. It's my choice :)

Btw, learn from my experience... maybe I don't have more resolution. well since last yerr I prefer not to have many resolution things. becauseeee.. its makes me stress if the yerr gonna be end but my resolution not done yet. I'm a perfectionist person hihihihi. so all wanna do for this yerr is being better than before.

How about you? :)


  1. You have cute style! :) Happy 2013!

    If you have time, please come by and check out my blog! And maybe follow?

    xo - Sheila

  2. @Sheila thank youuu :)
    i will check ur blog.