... What I Wear ...

When hosting the press conference in Surabaya
Asymetrical Printed Shirt : Picnic
Shredded Black Jeans : unbranded
The bangles : mix from various brand
Bold Chunky Boots: Picnic
Clear Bag : Unbranded

Just a relaxing day
Stripe Lacey Tees : unbranded
Denim Short : Nudie
Flatshoes : The Little Things She Need
The Bangles : Mix from various brand
Clear Bag : Unbranded

Let's go to concert!
Flowery Asymetrical Shirt : Daun Hitam Shop
Denim Short : Nudie
Clear Bag : unbranded
The Bangles : mix from various brand
Leopard Oxford Shoes : Forever 21

Yeaaay! After Party!
Black top : unbranded
Black leather jacket : unbranded
Tutu skirt : Magnolia
Black legging : N.Y.L.A
The Bangles : mix from various brand
Bold Chunky Boots : Picnic
Bold necklace : Kalungku

@ Kirkos, Surabaya
Had a great dinner and laugh with friends :)
All photos are taken at Surabaya by Ninoy