... Kelas Inspirasi ...

Have you ever heard about Kelas Inspirasi before?

Well, I'm not really know about it before. but when my friend, Novi, broadcast a message about Kelas Inspirasi via BBM, I'm curious about it! After I asked the details to her, few days later, voila! I applied. share what we have to another it's a goodthings :)

Kelas Inspirasi is asking us to share our profession and experiences to elementary school students from 1st grade till 6th grade. because they need real inspiration and real thing to make their dream comes true. so the volunteer will sharing and explain about their profession and job to those kids :)

Anies Baswedan, the founder of KI, said that "If you wanna see the future of our country, you can see from the kids in the class. they're the future of our country". Well, those kids had a dreams, and we can make their dreams came true with our story about our job. so they can know more and learn about it. Even only in 1 day :)

And woww!! I'm the one of the selected volunteer who will share about my profession on Feb 20th. To be honest, I feel a lil bit affraid but excited about it. I hope I can find the goodway to share my profession and experience in media relation :)

Last saturday I met my team. The team have 8 personnels from variety background. from marketing manager, CEO, food consultant and others. it's really good to meet new peoples and learn something new from them :)

If you wanna know more about it, you can click to KELAS INSPIRASI to get all the info :)
maybe you can join @KelasInspirasi too :)

"For you only one day off to work, but for those students it can be the most inspirational day for their life. Share the story, knowledge and inspiration for their dreams and wish." - Kelas Inspirasi


  1. baru pertama kali denger kelas inspirasi dan kayanya seru banget buat ikutan...

    hv a nice day titaz

  2. @Megara aku pun juga baru pertama kali kok ikutan. it's good to sharing our experiences :)

    ikutan next class yess!