... That Day ...

Betsey Johnson black dress | Bumiku Batik Cape | BCBG Max Azaria clutch | Christian Siriano for Payless wedges boots | Kalungku bold necklace

Actually I'm a lil' bit confused about what shud I wear for this party. because, I usually wear black dress. I'm so in love with lil'black dress :)

but after quick seeing on my closet, here's the outfit :D

The goodthings about wedding party is beside the good food, you can meet lots of friends. Like me, I met my 2 friends, Mike and Rendy hehehe.


  1. My Dear!
    You look wonderful in this hairstyle!
    And a beautiful outfit!

    xoxo AL / Alice! wake up!

  2. @AL ahahahaa thank youu, Al. oww I'm blushing hahahaha :D