... What Do You WANT? ...

 Got the invitation to hang out with CHIC magz readers!

We shared our goal in 2013. What we want and what we already done in 2012.
It's a good things to share and talk about our goal and mission. talk to another people can makes u get insight for your view. so you can get lots of view to achieve your goal. and also a spirit from ur friends.

Besides that, I can also meet my Chic Star 2012 mates. They are Feli and Muti. Miss them much hihihi.

Well, my goal in this 2013 is knowing more about my passion and be a better me.
and also build my fashion label, my company and makes a good times with my closest friend. something that I don't do in 2012 coz I'm to busy to work :)

So what is ur goal?

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