... piece of my feeling ...

Lately, I shud pass some of hard things in my life. No, I don't mean to be grumpy or blame others. Some of the hard things are because my self too. so I called this "Introspection".
This hard things makes me thinking. lots of thinking. regret. blessings. all in one. I feel regret, but somehow I feel blessed. like my friend said, "After a hurricane here's come the rainbow".
I can't denied, sometimes I still remember the days before that hard things came into my life. And I miss some of that moment. I miss the feeling, the things that I shud do, the people.. yess I miss it.
but I can't miss my past all over again, I shud moving on. Even I miss it so badly. It never happen again.
"Life  is about learn form past and do better in future" :)
I still don't know my path. but I believed "everything gonna be ok as long we try our best" :)
All I can do is makes my heart and my feeling stronger to face all the hardthings. especially I was surrounded by lovely people who help me through this.
Maybe not great as before, but I might start it from zero to make it better and bigger. I hope. Amien.
Let's Move On!

Thank you for reading a piece of my feelings :)


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